Saturday, April 9, 2011

No yarn, but a sing-along!

Good morning readers!
I'm right at the start of concert season, so I haven't even looked at my project bag for an entire week and I'm slightly going through withdrawals. Do you know how I can tell?

I am prone to singing or humming under my breath while I go about my day. It's a slightly annoying and mildly rude habit, I acknowledge this. But I always have at least two or three songs running around my head at any given moment of my waking day and it's the only way to get them out of my brain before I start twitching and foaming at the mouth going "Make the Voices Stop!!!"
and do you know what's been going around my head for the last week?

( to the tune of Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, by the Sherman brothers)

Iiiiit’s Super-wash-alpaca-lace-weight-yarn-by-malabrigo
If you crochet shawls with it, it can destroy your ego
But it’s fun to say and sing so in your brain it will go
Um-diddle-iddle-iddle stitch stitch sitch
Um-diddle-iddle-iddle frog frog frog
(Key change)
 Um-diddle-iddle-iddle stitch stitch sitch
Um-diddle-iddle-iddle frog frog frog
Because I’m not afraid to stitch although I’m just a lad
My friends all like to pick on me and make jokes that are bad
But I’ll have my revenge soon on the whole entire brood
For when the zombies come I will have skills and they’ll be food!
 OH!  (repeat chorus)

yes, I'm not a well man.. what can I say. 

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