Sunday, February 27, 2011

All we are saying, Is Give Fleece a Chance

There was a big to-do this past week in the local papers over a lot of Yarnbombing in the Boston area.
If you don't know what that is (and if you don't, why on earth are you reading a crochet-centric blog?) it's the practice of knitting or crocheting a cozy or piece of clothing for an inanimate object. Like putting a stocking cap on a statue or wrapping a scarf around a telephone pole. Immediately some questions spring to my diseased little mind..

A) unless this is Red Heart, this is a waste of perfectly good yarn
B) Were the people involved in this sober at the time?
C) How in the name of all things sacred and profane do you do something like this?

Now the newscasters were sort of joking along, until one of them said "well this is a felony, it's graffiti"

WHAAAAAAAAAAAAA??? I almost did a spit take with my morning coffee.. except..well, it's coffee. I'm not spitting out coffee.  Especially in the morning, when I need it, to do things like: remain upright and form polysyllabic words and perform higher brain functions like remembering my name and where I work.

Ok, yes, this is technically graffiti, I suppose. However unlike spray-paint graffiti, you can fix this in under a minute with a pair of scissors. This is also not a gang-tag, or offensive to any one in any way.
Think of it as an art installation.


  1. I agree. The only person I can think who would take offense is the one havng to climb the tree with the scissors to cut it all off. It's pretty, and I don't see any harm in it. I just can't imagine who would have time to knit for a tree! haha!

    It is an art installation. Check out her profile.