Sunday, March 20, 2011


Did you know Oreo cookies are vegan? I did :)

So, as promised, a double posting to make up for the one I missed last week:
Turns out it wasn't a tummy bug, it was my ulcer.. so I'm back on medication for that and feeling better thank you:
What's on my hooks? Im doing a Gathering Leaves shawl by Lily Go in some leftover cotton thread. I like how it's going and I think it'll turn out nicely. Might add another run of the pattern repeat if I don't like how it's growing.
Came up with this little fellow:
An Oodigurimi or Amigurimood.. take your pick. I'm s-l-o-w-l-y writing the pattern down. I don't have tech editors for my patterns so I write them up, then make them twice more using just the written instructions so I know they're idiot-proof ( because if I can do it, anyone can). If I run into a problem, I figure out where the instructions went wrong and fix them. So far I've re written the brain and the head four times. Oy vey.

I've also starting writing down jokes and comments for the 3rd Annual Crochet Liberation Front Awards, a.k.a the Flamies. Once again I'm honored to be asked to be the color commentary a la Joan Rivers..except of course I have less plastic surgery and more sequins. Since it IS going to be broadcast I have to keep everything PG 13 or cleaner.. so I'm editing now.. lots and lots of edits.. LOTS and LOTS of edits. I think I've redacted more material than McCarthy at this point. If you're so inclined, you can Hook the Vote here .

Per my previous post about babies and what kind of genetically engineered plumbing they have, I've now discovered what my cousin and his wife are having. A baby Boy..sweet! So this is what I'm making. ( to my cousins: NO PEEKING!!!) A big thank you to my Uncle Marty for finding out.. so does anyone want a slightly used Mission Impossible suspension actually I can find another use for that...

I'm also going to be going to WEBS this coming Sunday to go see a bunch of Authors at a big event there. I'm really looking forward to meeting some people whom I've only ever talked to online. Especially Mary Beth Temple, author, Crochet Goddess and host of one of my favorite podcasts, Getting Loopy. If you haven't heard this podcast, Download it, it's awesome and very informational.

So maybe next week I'll have pictures from the event.. some new yarn to show off ( I will not go insane buying yarn at webs, I will not go insane buying yarn at webs.. I'm deluding myself, I'm deluding myself)

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  1. Hey Beary guy! I love the choice of baby gift, very sweet! Parents and baby alike are going to love it, too!!

    If you need a tech editor for your pattern, bring a copy on Tuesday and I'll test out for you and help tweak should the need arise! See you Tuesday!